Patient Journey

We’re part of the patient journey

When it comes to making progress, we have the needs of our clients, and their patients in mind. Here’s a look at the patient journey, which illustrates how Kailo seamlessly integrates into the experience from the initial appointment to the final outcome.

The patient is referred for medical imaging.

Once the patient makes an appointment with an imaging provider, an electronic order is converted to an appointment in KailoHub.

The patient completes a Kailo questionnaire based on the type of examination they have.

The patient arrives for their appointment.

The patient completes the Kailo questionnaire they started at home.

The Sonographer reviews prior images, reports and documents while the patient information is integrated in the Kailo system.

Sonographer confirms patient history, performs exam, acquires images and takes measurements. The patient’s KailoQuestionnaire will also be reviewed and integrated into SonoReview.

The findings are documented in Sonoreview and a complete worksheet is sent to the radiologist.

The Radiologist reviews the electronic worksheet and images, then finalizes the report, which can be shared using KailoHub.

The report and images are made available to the referrer, then the patient.

Many techs say that they couldn’t do some of these exams without Kailo - alternatives weren’t able to provide the appropriate level of detail